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It’s time for something completely different, it’s time for a new genre of board and Ronson is leading the way. Never before have we created a deck with so much confidence and so much prowess. Utilizing all the technology at our disposal Ronson bridges the gap between Freeride and Freestyle in a way we could only dream of a year or two ago. Our all new Split Concave/Double Stepped Rails... that’s what.

These innovations allowed us to completely overhaul the flex profile of the board giving an inspired POP whilst maintaining the comfort and control needed for high speed boosting. Of course what goes up must come down and all that performance means nothing if you can’t stick the landing but Ronson slips (not slaps) back into the water - the Split Concave parting the surface and the Constant Curve rocker ensuring the tips will never catch. Enduro/Freestyle call it what you will, just know that you’ll never have the wrong board under your feet when you choose Ronson.

Split Concave

90 degree entry for improved edge grip at speed and buttery smooth landings.

Double Stepped Tips

Improve carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive

Constant Curve Rocker

Creating confidence inspiring control and balanced landings in all conditions

BITE Hi-Visibility fins

Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight

Paulownia Full Wood Core

The best strength to weight ratio core available with long lasting durability

2 year warranty

Peace of mind with our 2 year manufacturing defect warranty
(conditions apply)


136 x 41

Sneaker SRS or sneaker 6 accessories

Enjoy our snowboard ratchet technology for the ultimate, quick adjust fit or choose a time proven Velcro classic (Ronson has dedicated boots inserts